The Federal Produce Inspection Services (FPIS) is a regulatory Federal Government Agency under Federal Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment. FPIS was established by Law of Nigeria N0. 24 of 1950 as a Produce Enforcement of Export Standard Law. In 1959, an act of parliament empowered FPIS to regulate pest control in Port Areas and control of Pest Infestation in Agricultural Export produce inside the port and its environs. This Law was subsequently subjected to further amendments in 2009, 2010 and the last of which was done in 2016.

Vision: To regulate and ensure that only good quality Agricultural produce that meet national and international quality standards are exported out of or imported into Nigeria thereby creating foreign exchange earnings and employment to Nigerians that are involved in either export or processing of Agricultural produce.

Mission: To technically conduct quality checktest and fumigation on all Agricultural produce meant for export to ensure they conform to prescribed exportable standards.

Check weighing produce and inspecting for packaging, bag markings sewing, and sealing of graded produce to avoid tampering.

Mandate Federal Produce Inspection Service is mandated to discharge the following statutory duties:

Inspection and quality control of all Agricultural produce to ensure compliance with prescribed national and international standards as precondition for export & processing.

Ensure only pest free quality produce are exported or imported in or out of Nigeria.

All vessels bringing in imported or bagged Agricultural produce are disinfested and fumigated.

Disinfest by spraying shipholds containers units, hatches, barges or any other and receptacles carrying fumigated export produce.

To reject any produce that failed to meet the national import or export standards.

Fumigate infested imported Agricultural produce before leaving the port premises.