Statutory payment

Fumigation levy charged at ₦750/mt while spraying Dis-infestations is charged at ₦500/cubic meter.

Export levy is charge as follows: Cocoa - $5/MT / Naira equivalent

: Rubber - $5/MT / Naira equivalent

: Gum Arabic - $5/MT / Naira equivalent

: Cotton and its products - $5/MT / Naira equivalent

: Cocoa - $5/MT / Naira equivalent

: Shea Nut, Kola Nut - $3/MT / Naira equivalent

: Cashew Nut & products - $3/MT / Naira equivalent

: Sesame Seed - $3/MT / Naira equivalent

: Ground Nut - $3/MT / Naira equivalent

: Dried Hibiscus Flowers etc - $3/MT / Naira equivalent

Payment form collected at the Export Coordinating Committee (ECC) Resident at Produce Inspection Services (FPIS) Operational Headquarters Ijora Olopa,Lagos with valid NXP Form for that shipment.

Other handling charges. Any person requiring the services of an officer in paragraph (i) of this regulation shall in addition to the statutory fees pay for the services of such officer for such disciplinary visits at a rate agreed by the firm and the head of FPIS may authorize to be paid to officers in respect of overtime service such as may be agreed upon.

Certification of quality, fumigation, weight and packaging is issued to the export.