Registered Produce Warehouse
The registered produce warehouse can either be for private or commercial purposes and are classified into three;

  • Grading store or warehouse usually registered by state produce inspection services.
  • Port of shipment registered warehouses and
  • Bonded Export Warehouse/terminal both registered by FPIS.

Processing Mills
Though they are privately owned, they must be registered by FPIS who will ensure that test are carried out on all quality of raw produce before processing “a quality produce leads to quality products".

Airports, Dry and Sea Ports
FPIS carry out inspection on all produce that are exported through the airport to ensure quality and good packaging while at the seaport FPIS ensure container units carrying produce that do not pass through the registered produce warehouse are returned. FPIS also carryout fumigation of infested produce imported into the country and spraying of vessels that berthed to load Agricultural produce from Nigeria.

Border Post
Enforcement of quality standard and check smuggling of all Agricultural produce leaving the country through border posts.