Exporter must have a company duly registered by Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) with which you intend to use to transact the export business.

A valid Certificate of Registration with Nigeria Export Promotion Council (N.E.P.C) as a registered Nigerian Exporter.

Must have a valid commodity warehouse registered by Federal Produce Inspection Service either within the port of shipment area or a bonded export warehouse if outside the port of shipment area. Such warehouse is to be managed by a warehouse manager licensed by Federal Produce Inspection Service (FPIS) and is renewable annually on or before 30th June of every year.

Present the export commodity at any of the registered produce warehouses described above for.

Quality test: An arrival checktest (ACT) must be carried out on all produce arriving into the registered warehouse to determine whether the produce is of exportable quality or not before it’s received into the warehouse. Shipment check-test (SCT) must also be carried out to ascertain whether it retains its quality as tested on arrival before its released for export.

Fumigation: All produce for export must be fumigated for a minimum period of 72 hours to be valid for 21 days after which it must be re-fumigated prior to release for shipment. Exporters are responsible for provision of fumigation materials like fumigation sheets, fumigant and sand bags etc.

Packaging: All produce presented for export must be packaged to standard as prescribed by Federal Produce Inspection Service ordinance and international standards accordingly.

Moisture Content (MC) : Moisture Content (MC) of all produce presented for export must be taken to ensure it does not exceed the maximum limit prescribed by law in order to meet International Standards..

Statutory Payments:

Disinfestation Levy: this is paid during warehouse registration whenever the warehouse is fumigated to kill all pest prior to registration. It’s also repeated once every year prior to renewal of the warehouse registration and its charged at N80/m3.

Export Levy This is charged as follows:

Cocoa & All Cocoa Products, Ginger, Rubber, Gum Arabic, Cotton $5/MT and All Others $3/MT

This is paid through the bank on presentation of the following documents Valid NXP Form

Completed copy of Certificate of Commodity Export (C.O.E) Form from Export Commodities Coordinating Committee (ECCC) at the contact address below.

Valid Nigeria Export Promotion Council (N.E.P.C.)

Fumigation Levy: This is charged at N150/MT during fumigation for both shipment and control; and is same rate for all the crops.

Certification: At the end of the shipment when the Vessel carrying the produce must have sailed and the Bill of Lading (BL) ready, a certificate of quality, fumigation, good packaging material and weight will be issued to the exporter by Federal Produce Inspection Service (FPIS) at a cost.

For further enquiries contact us at the following address: Federal Produce Inspection Service Ijora-Olopa, Lagos.

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