Formal application for registration of a produce warehouse addressed to: Operational Headquarter, Federal Produce Inspection Service, Ijora Olopa, Lagos.

Inspection of the proposed warehouse by Federal Produce Inspection Service officers to ensure that:

  • The warehouse is strategically located with easy access road for haulage purposes within its premises.
  • The roof must be leakproof and the warehouse well ventilated.
  • The floor must be decked to avoid keeping produce on a dusty floor.
  • Provide pallets as produce must not be kept on bare floor Office accommodation for Federal Produce Inspection Service must be provided.
  • Tools like scales, scoops, buckets, sample bags etc. are available for use within the warehouse.
  • Proper drainage in and around the warehouse premises to prevent flooding of the warehouse during rainy season.
  • Whitewashed interior walls for easy detection of pest infestations.
  • Good hygiene in and around the warehouse to prevent adulteration.
  • There must be no cargo prior to the registration and only Agricultural Produce will be allowed to be handled in the warehouse after registration.

Disinfestation of the warehouse : by Pest Control Unit of (Federal Produce Inspection Service) to kill all existing Pests in the warehouse, through an application addressed to the Chief Produce Superintendent in charge of the Unit of the service.

Licensing of a competent Warehouse Manager : Which must be knowledgeable in produce handling or be trained, and an Identity Card carrying staff of the Company seeking for warehouse registration.

Payment : of registration/license fees and disinfestations levies at the rate of N80/m3.

Certification : the following Certificates/Licenses shall be issued on completion of the above requirements. a. Certificate of Registration (First Schedule), b. Warehouse Manager’s licenses (Fourth Schedule), c. Certificate of Fumigation.