Boarding of berthed vessels in sea port The shipping line alerts the Federal Produce Inspection Service through application on arrivals of a ship or barges to load agricultural produce. Officers stand by to inspect, set up precaution signs and with a time of 30 minutes depending on the size of the ship will be with spraying of the hatches to get rid of pests and insects hazardous to agricultural produce.

Spraying containers and pallets: Any container for load or bulking produce, pallets for storage of commodities, produce bags etc. must be sprayed. In fact any receptacle that is associated with produce meant for export must be dis infected with approved chemical and at recommended dosage.

Warehouses: All produce warehouse must be disinfected as need arises and as much as possible prevent cross infestation. Hence different warehouse for specific produce and at different temperature.

Port of shipment registered warehouses and Bonded Export Warehouse/terminal both registered by FPIS.