Shiphold Inspection
Officers of FPIS are required by law to board any vessel berth within the Nigerian seaports which intends to load Agricultural produce to inspect the holds, barges, hatches of such vessel against pest infestation and thereafter spray it preparatory for loading Agricultural produce.

Fumigation of Container Units
Shipping lines are expected to apply and position all the x20’ or 40’ container units they intend to issue to their customers to load agricultural produce inside for exports at the terminals to be sprayed by Pest Control Unit of FPIS before issuing them out.

Examination of Export Containers
FPIS officers are to examine all export containers entering the seaports to ensure that all those exports containers carrying Agricultural produce are those that have been certified at the registered produce warehouses.

Fumigation of Imported Agricultural Produce
The Pest Control Unit of FPIS have the statutory responsibility to fumigate any imported Agricultural produce that is inspected and found to be infested before its allowed to be offloaded out of the port.

Interception of all Containers stuffed at Illegal places with Agricultural produce to enforce compliance with export of produce regulations.

Cargo Inspection
Inspection of outgoing cargo at the Airport Cargo Shed to ensure quality conformity with international standard. Fumigation of Produce Imported or Exported in or out of the country to control pest infestation.

Enforcement of Quality & Fumigation
Enforcement of Quality & Fumigation on Agricultural Produce leaving the country through the Nation boarder in other to ensure all agricultural produce meant for export are free from pest infestation.

Enforce Collection of Statutory Federal Government Revenue
FPIS is saddled with the responsibility of collecting fumigation and Export Commodity Coordinating Committee (ECCC) levies to be paid by all exporters of Agricultural produce including those loading from illegally unregistered places direct to the ports.