Check-Testing: Confirmation of quality analysis of graded produce from the states.

Pre-shipment Check-Test: Test conducted before receiving produce into a registered warehouse.

LBA: Licensing Buying Agent: Merchant authorize to buy produce from farmers.

Defects: Faults observed in produce during cut analysis that affect the quality of that produce.

Infestation: Presence of pest in produce.

Snaking: A process of laying produce in a snake a shape manner with the view to detecting pest infestations in produce using hand lens in certain cases.

Offs-heating: Uncovering of fumigation sheet from a fumigated produce stack.

Fumigation Sheet: Material used for covering fumigated produce stack.

Pest Infestation: Presence of pest in produce.

Pest: Include rodents, vermin, insects, parasites, fungus deleterious to produce intended for export or in storage.

Produce: Meaning assigned by section 3 of the produce Enforcement of Export Standard Act 2002 till date whether intended for export from or imported into Nigeria.