Federal Produce Inspection Service performs the following functions at the registered warehouse.

Registered Warehouse Samples from Arrival Checktest are sent to laboratory for certain scientific analysis that could not be sorted out technically before application for shipment such result test are out.

Arrival Checktest this is to ensure that the produce had been graded by the State Produce Inspection Service (SPIS) of the State where the produce originated and to cross-check if it retains its original grade.

Shipment Checktest this is done at the time the produce is ready to be loaded out for export to confirm its final quality if it meet the prescribed export quality standard before it’s released to the exporter for exports.

Moisture Content (MC) this is done with the help of specific moisture meters e.g. Aqua-boy for Cocoa or grain moisture meter for grains to determine whether the produce is damp or not. Damp produce results into growth of mycotoxin and aflatoxins.

Certification: FPIS issue certificate of quality fumigation, good packaging material and weight to all Agricultural produce that passed quality test and are exported out of Nigeria.

Reports: Generate Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly Report of Export activities and presentation of Export statistics.

Export Statistics Data: Rendering statistical data to Export Commodity Coordinating Committee (ECCC) to among other functions ensure payment of mandatory levies for Nigeria’s membership of International Commodity Association.