The Federal Government of Nigeria in creating awareness for economic diversification and to build an Agriculture based economy promulgated a law called Law of Nigeria (L. N.) No. 24 of 1950. This law which commenced 27th September, 1951 was referred to as Produce Enforcement of Export Standard Law. The repeal of this law lead to the establishment of Federal Produce Inspection Service by Law of Nigeria, (L.N.) No. 36 of 1958. This service being established by an Act of Parliament, was further empowered by (L. N.) No.21 of 1959 and No.35 of 1970 as Pest Control in Port Areas (Amendment) Regulations 1970 to control pest infestation and ensure standards of produce inside the port, bonded, warehouses, mills, boarders, dry ports and all other areas of the federation handling Export of Agricultural Produce as empowered by laws of the Federation of Nigeria (L.N) Volume 13 dated 31st Day of December 2010.

WAREHOUSE REGISTRATION: Federal Produce Inspection Service (FPIS) has the responsibility to register all warehouses and Mills within the zone that are involved in handling of Agricultural produce whether for local purposes or exports.

CHECKTEST QUALITY OF EXPORT PRODUCE: FPIS do check test the quality of all produce that are presented for export across the federation.

FUMIGATION OF EXPORT PRODUCE: FPIS do fumigate all the produce presented for export to kill and destroy all pest infestations prior to export and local processing in crushing meals.

CERTIFICATION: FPIS issue certificate of quality fumigation, good packaging material and weight to all Agricultural produce that passed quality test and are exported out of Nigeria.

ENFORCEMENT OF PAYMENT OF STATUTORY GOVERNMENT LEVIES: Fumigation and Commodity Export Levies are statutory levies exporters of Agricultural Produce are expected to pay before exportation. FPIS enforces the payment of these levies appropriately

SHIPHOLD INSPECTION: It’s the duty of FPIS to inspect and ensure that the Ship-holds, Hatches, Barges that load agricultural produce or any other receptacle at all are pest free.

WAREHOUSE DISINFESTATION:Any registered produce warehouse in the zone that handle agricultural produce must be disinfested with chemical sprays to ensure its pest free at all times to avoid causing damages to the produce.

SURVEILLANCE TO CHECKMATE SMUGGLING: Taskforce and Monitoring units of FPIS are mandated to move around in the zone to stop indiscriminate stuffing of agricultural produce at illegal places.

REPORTS The Zone Render Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly Report of activities that happen in the zone to the headquarters appropriately. Represent the department and/or the Ministry at stakeholders meeting, seminars, workshops and other relevant official engagement that happens within the zone.

EXPORT STATISTICS DATA: Rendering statistical data to Export Commodity Coordinating Committee (ECCC) to among other functions ensure payment of mandatory levies for Nigeria’s membership of International Commodity Association.

LABORATORY ANALYSIS & RESEARCH : Investigation and pronounces on the quality, safety, efficacy and wholesomeness of all Export Produce and for locally crush mills

TRAINING OF WAREHOUSE/STORE KEEPERS: Organizing training and enlightenment workshops, seminars and conferences for Federal Produce Inspection Service staff and other relevant stakeholders.